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Scale Title and Author / Publisher Date Location in Map Collection
  for more details, see Abbreviations
1: 50,000,000 Landforms of the World, R. E. Murphy; J. A. Bateman; Association of American Geographers. (Annals of the Association of American Geographers, vol.58, no.1, March 1968 : sup. no.9.) 1968 V. 15
wrld misc
1: 50,000,000 Groundwater Resources of the World. Transboundary Aquifer Systems. Special edition for the 4th World Water Forum, Mexico City, March, 2006.
2006 V.15 world misc.
1: 45,900,000 Down Under Map of the World, Universal Press Pty. Ltd. 1993 1993 V. 15 wrld misc
1: 45,000,000 World Nuclear Fuel, Pearl Marshall ; drawn by Joseph Robinson, Nuclear Engineering International 1976 V.15 wrld misc
1: 48,000,000 The Earth's Fractured Surface.
National Geographic Society
1995 V. 15
wrld misc
1: 48,000,000 Endangered Earth
National Geographic Society
1993 V. 15
wrld misc
1: 46,460, 600 Seismicity of the Earth, 1960 - 1980.
A.F. Espinosa, W. Rinehart, M. Tharp
(incl. 14p. handbook)
1981 V. 15
wrld misc
1: 45,000,000 Stanford's general map of the world on Mercator's projection. George Philip & Son c. 1975 V.15 world misc.
1: 40,000,000 Sedimentary Basins of the World
Bill St John American Association of Petroleum Geologists
1980 V.15 world misc.
1: 40,000,000 World Map, National Geographic, chief cartographer James M. Darley, designed by Charles E. Riddiford, compiled by H. C. Bryan et al., compiled and drawn in the Cartographic Section of the National Geographic Society
National Geographic
1951 V.15 world misc.
1: 39,000,000 World Seismicity Map
U.S. Geol. Survey
1974 V.15 world misc.
1: 38,931,000 World Physical and Ocean Floor Map
National Geographic
2002 V.15 world misc.
1: 35,000,000 The World. Army Map Service, U.S. Army 1946 V.X.
1: 35,000,000 World oil map, Petroleum Economist Ltd., Ashurst Morris Crisp 1994 V.X
[1: 32,500,000] World Environment Map, Earth Systems, Includes information on Energy & transport ; Biodiversity ; Coastal and marine ; Consumption and waste ; Water ; Land ; Air ; Key trends and prominent events ; Greenhouse gases [2002] V.15 wrld misc.
1: 30,000,000 Geological Map of the World
The Open University
1994 VX
[1: 30,000,000] Oil and gas resources of the world Oilfield Publications Limited (includes 25 inset maps). 2003 V15 wrld misc
1: 26,300,000 Malaysian Airline System Route Map Verso: Peninsular Malaysia (1: 1,000,000). Sabah & Sarawak (1: 2,000,000). Oxford Uni. Press 1976 V.15 world misc.
1: 25,000,000 Geological Map of the World
[one map on 3 sheets]
2000 V.15 world misc.
1: 25,000,000 Geological Map of the World (4 sheets) Commission for the Geological Map of the World 1990 V 15
1: 25,000,000 Seismotectonic Map of the World
Commission for the Geological Map of the World. UNESCO
(One map on 3 sheets + notes)
2001 V.15 world misc.
1: 25,000,000 Map of the World Distribution of Arid Regions
(+ Expl. Notes) UNESCO
1977 V.15 world misc.
1: 25,000,000 World Environments During the Last Two Climatic Extremes. Commission for the Geological Map of the World (CCGM/CGMW) & Agence Nationale pour la Gestiondes Déchets Radioactifs (ANDRA). (2 maps on 4 sheets)
Map 1. Last Glacial Maximum (ca 18,000 yrs B.P.)
Map 2. Holocene Optimum (ca 8,000 yrs B.P.)
1999 V.15 world misc.
1: 16,000,000 Geologie der Erde. Geology of the Earth
Justus Perthes, Klaus Fahlbusch [1 map on 2 sheets]
n.d. V.15 world misc.
1: 15,000.000 Map of World Oil & Gas Potential (15 sheets)
Russian Research Institute of foreign Countries
Russian Committee on Geology
Explanatory Note Book :H Maps 553.28 V988M
1995 V.15 world misc.
1: 2,500,000 International Atlas of Ophiolites, W P Irwin; Volker J Dietrich; A Knipper; Augusto Gansser; Unesco.; International Geological Correlation Programme.  (4 sheets + notes)
Sheet 1 Ophiolitic terranes of part of the Western United States
Sheet 2 Ophiolitic belts of the Central Mediterranean
Sheet 3 Ophiolitic belt of the Urals
Sheet 4 Ophiolitic belts of the Himalayan and Tibetan region
1979 V15
wrld misc.
1: 2,500,000 World Map Series
1966- V.15
1: 10,000,000 Geodynamic Map of Gondwana Supercontinent. (4 sheets)
Council for Geoscience, South Africa & BRGM, France
1996 V. 11 World Misc
1: 10,000,000 World map of Hydrogeological Conditions and Groundwater Flow.
Water problems Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, UNESCO
(one map on 6 sheets plus notes)
1999 VX
1: 10,000,000 Geological map of sectors of Gondwana reconstructed to their disposition ~ 150Ma, Maarten J De Wit; Frances M Delany; American Association of Petroleum Geologists.; Bernard Price Institute for Palaeontological Research.; Mercury-Walch ; et al (1 map on 2 sheets) 1988 V15
wrld misc.
1: 2,000,000 Jet navigation charts, United States. Defense Mapping Agency. Aerospace Center [Charts covering Australia prepared by Royal Australian Survey Corps]. 1969-2000 V X
1: 1,000,000 Operational Navigation Chart (ONC)
Defence Mapping Agency Aerospace Center (DMAAC).
H-1 Algeria, Canary Islands, Mauritania, Morocco, Spanish Sahara, 2nd ed. 1972
H-2 Algeria, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, 3rd ed 1972
H-3 Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, 3rd ed. 1969
H-3 Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, 4th ed. 1975
H-4 Egypt, Libya, 5th ed. 1972
H-5 Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan Saudi Arabia, 5th ed. 1971
H-6 Persian Gulf, 3rd ed. 1967
J-10 Bangladesh, Burma, China, India, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, 9th ed. 1980
1967-1980 VX
1: 250,000 Joint Operations graphic (JOG)
[various editions and publishers]
various V. 15
various The biostratigraphy of the Permian and Triassic, Anderson, A. M, [35 chart supplements to Palaeontologia Africana, 16, 1973] [1973] V15 wrld misc
various Global renewable energy map, Petroleum Economist Ltd in association with PwC 2012 V15
various Gondwana Paleotectonic Maps
N.A. Bozhko, V.E. Khain (ed.)
(30 sheets plus text in Russian)
1987 V15
wrld misc.
various Major world gem producing regions, G.I.A., Gemological Institute of America
(7 maps on 1 sheet)
2010 V15
wrld misc.
various World Earthquakes Jan. 1964 June 1970 International Seismological Centre 1975 V15 wrld misc.
various World gas map 2014 edition, Petroleum Economist Ltd., London, in association with Chevron 2014 VX world
various World LNG Map 2014 edition, Petroleum Economist Ltd., in association with Conoco Phillips 2014 VX world
n.s. Hart Energy Global Shale Basin Map, Rextag, Hart Energy Publishing 2012 V 15 world
n.s. World natural resources map.
Petroleum Economist Ltd.
1997 VX
n.s. World Climatic Chart, 2nd ed
British Admiralty
1973 H.2.O
n.s. World climatic chart – January; July. G.S Ritchie, Hydrographer of the Navy 1973 V15 wrld misc.
n.s. World Mining Copper Map showing all porphyry copper and molybdenum mines, other open pit copper mines, major undeveloped porphyry copper and molybdenum deposits, and copper smelters of the world. 2nd ed.,  Miller Freeman, George Oates Argall; Robert J M Wyllie; Georges Allaerts; Miller Freeman Publications, Inc. 1976 V.X
n.s. World's Nuclear Power Plants, M White; IPC Business Press.; Nuclear Engineering International   1977 V.15
world misc.
n.s. World natural resources map. Petroleum Economist Ltd. 1997 V.X

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